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  • Sign Petition - Don't send Ahmed back to Genocide

    Sign Petition - Don't send Ahmed back to Genocide

    Update: Ahmed has been given removal directions again, for 3rd September 2014 at 9:30pm. Please sign his petition, share it around your networks, and contact Qatar Airways (details below).

    Mohamed Babeker Osman Ahmed came to the UK from Darfur, Sudan in May 2014, and was detained upon arrival. He's been in detention since then, and has recently received removal directions, despite the fact that he is unsafe in Sudan.

    As part of the Fulani ethnic minority in Sudan, Ahmed faces persecution if he is to return to Sudan. Here in the UK, Ahmed has formed links with the Fulani community even whilst in detention, and has formed friendships and become part of the community.

    In January 2014, after contact with the British Council, Ahmed came to the UK with a Sudanese community group to attend a course in community development. Upon returning to Sudan, Ahmed was arrested, investigated, and punished by the police for his involvement in the Group of the Environment, a Sudanese group dedicated to building a strong community. The group has since been shut down by the police.

    He fled an ongoing war in Darfur and came to the

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